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Many times, when someone lends us a DVD movie,we want to copy it but we don't know how to do it. In fact, sometimes we only want to copy a part of the movie, we mean you want to copy only the movie and a language because you don't need the Romanian or Czech audio file, maybe you don't want extras... That's a hard job if you are a novice, because you would have to rip the movie and perform advanced actions.

Don't worry, AVS DVD Copy is a very easy-to-use program housed in a very intuitive interface that will convert you in an expert.

The intuitive interface of AVS DVD Copy will let you choose if you want to copy the Ful Movie, Movie without extras or personalized. It's easy. If you want to copy the Full movie, choose that option, if you want to copy only certain chapters or audio files, you'll have to choose that option and tick the parts you want to copy in the list you'll find in the right side of the interface.

You are two steps away from copying DVD movies like an expert.

Finally, you can choose the size you have available and the program will adapt the quality to fit that size. Simply amazing.

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